About Us

Our Mission Statement

To enhance, encourage and support youth development through the Santa Barbara County 4-H program.

Our Commitment

To encourage and support the 4-H program, its impact on today’s youth… the leaders of tomorrow.

4-H encourages productive, wholesome and basic life skills for youth to use as essential stepping-stone to a successful future.  4-H challenges eager minds and offers an educational environment of positive enrichment through hands on experiences.

Our Primary Purpose and Objective

To support activities in the 4-H Youth Development Program in Santa Barbara County by providing funding and tangible resources to both local and county level 4-H youth activities in order to enhance the 4-H program.

The Foundation shall create a network of both financial donors and resource sources to support, sponsor, and initiate 4-H activities within Santa Barbara County.  The Foundation may grant scholarships to deserving youth with the 4-H program to advance their personal growth.

Who We Are

Four Leaf Clover Foundation (FLCF) is an IRC§ 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to enhance, encourage and support youth development through the 4-H Youth Development Program in Santa Barbara County.  The current directors are present or former 4-H leaders, parents or alumni.  They are appointed to the board by the current board directors. The directors meet regularly to carry out the foundation’s business.

FLCF works closely with the Santa Barbara County 4-H Management and Program Development Boards, but we are an entirely separate organization.

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on our board.  If you are interested, please send an email to Jodi Waples, the board president using the link below.  Other officers and board members are LuAnn Ames, Vice-President; Ellen Welby, Secretary; Mary Thieleke Jackson, Treasurer; and Dean Davidge and Jessica Schely, Directors.  Zelda Hughes is a Director Emeritus.

Four Leaf Clover Foundation
PO Box 451
Los Alamos CA 93441